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A varied fruit

Barbian plum weeks

3rd - 18th September 2022

Life in the Barbiano/Barbian kitchens, bakeries and distilleries would be unimaginable without the plum. And that’s why, for two weeks in September, the “Town with the Leaning Tower” will be paying homage to the autumn fruit.

From 3rd to 18th September 2022, the local hotels and restaurants will be serving speciality dishes made from the plums of Barbian, while in the shops you will find plum bread, plum cheese, dried plums and much more.
The Barbian Plum Weeks will be inaugurated on September 3, 2022 with the 10th Barbian Plum Mile. From 1 pm - 6 pm you can expect special treat along the village street of Barbian: Aromatic delicacies, lively music, children's entertainment, as well as various stands provide plenty of entertainment.

During the Plum Weeks there will be offered also guided plum hikes: on 6th and 13th September you will learn interesting things about Barbian's delicacies on the Plum Trail and you can enjoy excellent plum dishes during a stop.

You can also discover the Barbian plum individually on the plum trail.
Flyer "Barbian Plum Weeks" (ger/ita)
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Programme 10th Barbian plum mile

3rd September 2022

1 pm - 6 pm

  •  Various specialties from the Barbian plum under the leaning tower
  • musical entertainment
  • children's entertainment with clown and makeup
  • various stands of the various associations of Barbian
Culinary plum weeks | Participating restaurants

Culinary plum weeks from 3rd to 18th September 2022 at the following restaurants and shops: 

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The Barbian plum
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