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Rediscovering old traditions

Pear flour autumn

September 2022

Birmehlherbst – Pear flour autumn in 2021
From 20th - 26th September 2021 , the little villages Verdings and Pradell dedicate a culinary week to the pear flour.
The highlight is the so called 'Birmehlsunntig ' on 26th of September 2021 . Various associations and restaurants take part in this event and are more than happy to rivive this ancient peasant tradition with special events and delicacies along the Birmehlweg. During the different stations, you can taste a lot of specialities made out of the Birmehl. Entrance only with Green Pass.

From the origin of the 'Birmehl'
The 'Birmehl' is an old-peasant aliment, which used to replace the expensive, mostly unaffordable sugar as a sweetener. First, the pitted or whole pears were dried to the so-called ‘Kloazen’. The dried pears were then ground to Birmehl (pear flour). The countless pear trees around Verdings formed the best starting point for the production of Birmehl, so that the location was once also mockingly called the ‘Birmehldorf’.
While the sweet Birmehl over centuries replaced the mostly very expensive sugar for the poor rural population, today it is hardly to be found anymore. The production is very complex and time-consuming, but its use is varied and makes the dishes unique. The small village of Verdings has been relying on the revival of this old farming tradition for several years now. Also the themed hike ‘Birmehlweg’ (pear flour path) remembers the culture and tradition around the Birmehl and makes it experienceable.
The pear flour, which used to replace the expensive, mostly unaffordable sugar as a sweetener.
Info & booking
Date: Saturday, 5th March 2022
Meeting point: 10.00 am hut Gasserhütte, Villanderer Alm
Prezzo: 60 € per person
Equipment: Winter hiking boots, warm clothes
Note: The wine tasting will be held according to the current regulations, therefore for participation the Green Pass 2G is required! 

within Thursday, 3rd March 2022
Tourist Info Klausen
+39 0472 847 424
Limited number of participants!
Programme Birmehlherbst (Pear flour autumn)
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