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Klausen|Chiusa 1921

In remembrance of the catastrophic flood

On the evening of 9 August 1921, the city Klausen/Chiusa was hit by the most devastating natural catastrophe in its history to date. After a storm, the Tinnebach river swelled up and rushed down into the valleys, carrying along debris, soil, and mud, depositing itself at the confluence of the riverbed of the Isarco river. Within thirty minutes, the Isarco built a 2-km backwater upstream, while in the city the river quickly swelled by nearly ten metres. While “only” two people lost their lives, the infrastructural damage was enormous.

The clean-up lasted two years, as the Eisack’s riverbed had to be rebuilt and the Tinnebach river had to be freed from debris and mud. Parts of the city were flooded until the first canal was opened on 13 January 1922. The second canal opened on 25 March 1923. During winter, the artificial lake froze over. As controlled explosions had no effect on the massive boulders and debris, the work was carried out by people. For a good 4.5 million liras (1923), 200,000 m³ of earth and debris were moved and 6,000 m³ of flood protection infrastructures were built.

In remembrance of this tragic event, various associations in Klausen organize various initiatives such as special guided tours, lectures, a video installation, panels with historical photos in the town and awareness-raising activities.

> from May on:  Awareness-raising activities "Everyone loves clean water"
> from July on: Historical photos in the historic city center (8 locations)
> 07. - 28.08.2021: Video installation "FlowingWater" by the artists Astrid Gamper and Sonya Hofer on the facades of various buildings in the historic city center (Friday and Saturday)
> 04.09. - 30.10.2021: "Chiusa flooded city" - temporary exhibition of the Civic Museum of Klausen
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Albert Stolz designed a series of postcards with the title "Bitte, bitte, für uns Klausner" (engl. Please, please for us in Klausen) in 1921. At that time, many affected people could be helped thanks to the donations collected. Now, 100 years later, the population of Klausen would like to return the help received in that difficult time. The set of 6 postcards 2021 with photos from 1921 is available at the Tourist Info in Klausen (limited edition). With your voluntary donation for this 6-piece set, you support a family in need together with a Local Solidary Fund.
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