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Voluntary Fire Brigade

Since 1900, we have been ready every day to provide assistance in times of danger and need. Our history is rooted in the determination and foresight of individuals who, over a century ago, dedicated themselves to the safety of our community. Today, through continuous training and education, we are well-equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency.

In 1962, a significant advancement in water supply was made with the purchase of the first motorized pump. This innovation enabled more efficient and faster water pumping. Two years later, in 1964, the first used vehicle was acquired to further enhance the fire department's mobility and efficiency. Finally, in 1967, the first new vehicle was purchased, which remains in our possession today. Before 1980, the fire equipment was stored in various private locations throughout the village, often leading to space shortages and logistical challenges. In 1980, the first official fire station was built to better meet the needs of the fire department and the community. These successive events marked important milestones in the history and development of the Villanders Fire Department.

We started small and modestly, but over time, our fire department has grown into an effective team. As of 2024, we consist of 54 active members, 9 honorary members, 10 sponsors, and 22 members of the youth group. A special part of our fire department is the youth group. Every year, we inspire new children and teenagers to join our work and guide them on their path to becoming active firefighters.

This is an occasion to highlight the history of our fire department and to honor the achievements of our men and women. This recognition extends not only to our current members but also to our predecessors who founded the fire department in 1900. A special thank you goes to all the men and women who have carried this "legacy" forward to the present day.
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Fire Fighters Villanders EO
Commander Walter Rabensteiner
Phone number: (Private) +39 328 831 2723 / +39 0472 843 433

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