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Association "Krippenfreunde" Villanders

Walter Untermarzoner, a long-time teacher of the nativity scene building course, and Johann Rabensteiner, a master carpenter and passionate nativity scene builder from the very beginning, are the founding fathers of the Nativity Scene Builder Association in Villanders. They were supported by Margarethe Andergassen, the director of the Nativity Scene Friends Association of South Tyrol. The official founding of the association 'Friends of the Nativity Scene of Villanders' took place on June 5, 1996, in the school cafeteria.

The tradition of Christmas nativity scenes in Villandro has much older roots than Christmas trees, which only became part of households after World War II. Long before that, every year on Christmas Eve, a simple nativity scene was set up in the room near the window or in the corner dedicated to the Lord with some hand-carved or handmade nativity figures and a bit of bark and moss from the woods.

Since 1996, the tradition of Christmas nativity scenes has been carried on with love by the Friends of the Nativity Scene of Villanders. In annual training and nativity scene building courses, over 150 different nativity artworks have been created by 2024, under the motto: Every family should have a nativity scene.

The association counts about 50 members, from young to old, who enthusiastically cultivate the religious custom and pass on the joy of building nativity scenes to the next generations.

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