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Folk Dance Group Villanders

The Folk Dance Group Villanders was founded in 1968 by young girls and boys from Villanders who enjoyed dancing and playing music. From the beginning, the aim was to preserve folk dance, folk songs, and traditions. The group has participated in many regional events and international festivals. Notably, they co-founded the Youth and Culture Week and organized it in 1992, 2006, and 2018. Unfortunately, since 2006, the activities of the group have declined due to a lack of participants.

In 2009, discussions about restarting the group began. Since then, we have approximately 35 members who have been regularly attending weekly rehearsals since autumn 2010. To this day, we perform at various events both domestically and internationally. A highlight of our dance year is the traditional Sauderer Kirchtig, held on the third Sunday in September.

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