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Totenabfahrt – A Unique Downhill Ski Race

One of the most famous and legendary folk ski races in the Eisack Valley is the Totenabfahrt on the beautiful Villanderer Alm. In the distant year of 1980, some young men from the Villanders Sports Club had the idea to create this unique folk downhill race on the flat alpine meadows, an event that continues to this day. Originally, the race started right next to the Totenkirchl, from which the race gets its "intimidating" name. After the first two editions, the start was moved to the slope above Köber Leger to provide a better course down to just above the Gasser Hütte.

Here lies the start area of the Totenabfahrt – unimaginable in summer, but no problem in winter! All the rock boulders are then covered under a thick blanket of snow. The motto: IF IT'S TOO LONG, YOU'RE TOO WEAK! The over 3,500-meter-long racecourse is specially prepared for this race. It is relatively flat with few turns, making it easily manageable for both young and old. A unique feature of the ski race is that all participants must walk from the Gasser Hütte to the start area to take part in the race.

Even after more than 40 years and over 30 editions, this unique downhill spectacle remains extremely popular.
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