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Mir Flonderer Goasslschnöller

The origins of “Goasslschnöllen“ (whip cracking) can be traced back to ancient times. It developed locally from an old herding tradition and was used for communication during dangers on remote farms and alpine pastures. The “Goassl“ has always been used for driving livestock, as the sudden crack has a noticeable effect on the animals. Today, whip cracking is performed at many events throughout the country, such as village and alpine festivals, parades, cattle drives, church festivals, weddings, and much more.

A Goassl consists of a handle, a leather or rope whip, a back string, and the "Schmatz," the latter being responsible for the crack. The wider the “Schmatz“, the louder the crack. Learning to whip crack is not easy and often takes several years to master the proper technique. Since 1985, whip cracking has developed into a sport with established rules. Various championships are held each year, where a jury evaluates the rhythm, volume, prescribed duration, as well as the body posture and endurance of the participants. The jury also emphasizes uniform, traditional clothing. The symbol of the whip crackers is the blue Tyrolean apron.

Here in Villanders, we have the "Mir Flonderer Goasslschnöller," a group of about 50 active whip crackers of all ages who uphold and live this tradition and pass it on to future generations.
Information "Mir Flonderer Goasslschnöller"
Goasslschnöller EO
Engelmarstraße 1/4
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