Plums of BarbianPlums of Barbian

Barbian’s damson plums

Full of vitamins

Ever since the late Middle Ages the damson plum has been at home on Barbian’s slopes. Until far into the 20th century it was even an important export of the southern Eisack Valley. And still today this stone fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, is grown on many farms and distributed further afield.

From when the blossom in May up to the Barbian Plum Weeks in September and the autumn colouring of the leaves, these 6-metre high slender-branched damson plum trees are a sight to behold. There is even a Plum Hiking Trail in Barbian.

You can however enjoy these small fruits all year round. Whether as jam, in risotto or with duck breast, the Barbian damson plum adds the right kind of zest to many dishes with its fine aroma. The desserts are especially popular of course, above all the damson plum dumplings and strudel. Also worth mentioning is the health effect of the plum of Barbian. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and of secondary plant substances and is therefore a true fitness fruit. The high potassium content stimulates kidney activity and metabolism, thus promoting purification and fat reduction. The plum has a high proportion of sorbitol, which otherwise serves as a substitute sweetener. The blue fruits contain provitamin A, almost all B vitamins and numerous trace elements - and thus strengthen the nervous and immune system and the resistance to stress.
The plums of Barbian - a true all-rounder!
Plums of BarbianThe Plums of Barbian - a local high quality product
Plum treePlum tree
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